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November 05 2017


Translating Russian captions under cat pics is the best meme this site has produced in a while




i cant believe its daylight savings time and i havent seen the “hello its me your cousin oskaar from iceland” video on my dash yet you are all slackers

i guess i have to do all the work around here dont i

Definitely a Despicable Me deleted scene

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I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot…

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One of the best albums ever made.

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this man next to me is on the phone and he went “are you fucking kidding me right now? are you serious?” then he got up and stood next to a cactus and went “im by my favorite cactus right now, and you’re disrespecting me like this?”

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Fantasia, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (1940)


someone: whats your favorite [insert literally anything here]

me: *forgets everything i’ve ever enjoyed* uhhhh

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pope by ramses melendez

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Good boy looks like he’ll steal your girl (Source: http://ift.tt/2Aanyc6)

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Opening scene from The Craft.

Very very sad about the shooting in Texas today. My heart hurts for the people whose loved ones were senselessly murdered.

When are we going to stop the horrific killings, America?

My mom’s hairdresser goes to therapy twice a week for PTSD and crippling anxiety. She was at the music festival shooting in Las Vegas. She’s terrified of crowds.

It breaks my heart and I’m so scared of my own country. I’m scared of walking out of my home. When I’m at work, almost daily I plan what I’m going to do if a shooting starts happening.

I should not have such thoughts. But I feel that they’re necessary. I fucking hate this.

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Vampire cuddles for today’s Drawlloween prompt: coffin 🍷⚰️🍷

Get prints here!

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